This week we looked at the ways algorithms aren’t inherently objective, but rather can lend the guise of objectivity to the presentation of inherently biased data.

Some of the best/ most convincing examples of this were examples of algorithms that don’t take the “moneyball “ approach, in trying to find…

We got to hear a lot of worry from people who think access to the internet is a challenge. In reality every one of the statistics (with the exception of 40% of poorest families in Washington lacking home internet(Patrick, 2020)) showed what all of us already intuitively know. The internet…

I was a bit disappointed in this week’s content. I didn’t feel like there was anything “new” to me and I don;t think my views really changed at all. I’ve been aware of the big tech hoovering and redistributing of data for a long time. It turns out that knowing…

I had already followed the debate around driverless cars with some interest. The blanket term Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) was new to me, though.

I kind of expected more discussion around the relative “safety” of AVs, but pretty much all the discussion in the works we got was centered around the…

What is your name, pronouns, and something you want your instructor to know about you.

My name is Tim Ferrell. My pronouns are male, like me.

I am in my final year at Western and am working on my Accelerated Bachelor’s degree in IS.

Timothy Ferrell

I am a man. My gender is not ambiguous.

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